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I'm lame.

Last wednesday was good. Circling Game. We did well. I didn't have much to say about it.

Homework :
DVD 4- Chapter 1, "Simulations for Games 5,6, and 7" just watch simulations for game 6, the sideways game
Read Pocket Guide 5- Lesson 11(pg 3-21)
and if you'd like, watch or re-read any of the previously covered segments, esp DVD 4- Chapter 1 and DVD 4-Chapter 2

This is because I lost it and needed it written down.

together we made it

I've spent the past two hours re-watching DVDs and reading pocket guides and I hope tomorrow goes well.

I just really want to understand and succeed.

So I just applied this song to the parelli journey. This proves I need sleep.

We Made It by Busta Rhymes

Together we made it we made it even though we had our backs up against the wall

See a &^#& survived the worst
But my life is glorious
But I know that I need to be hurdled and i'm so victorious

Take a look i'm a symbol of greatness now call a &$#*$ morpheus

As force accumulated the wind and but a believe i'm so notorious

You know i've been buying my bread even though we rapping now (yes)

And now when u look on my trip higher level tramping now

Together we made it

We made it even though we
Had our backs up against the wall

Forever we waited,
And they told us we were never going to get it

But we took it on the road,
To the riches,
On the road, to the ghetto, on the road, to the projects on the road, ride with me
On the road, we come and get it on the rooooooad

When it all got started we was steadily just getting rejected
And it seemed like nothing we could do would ever get us respected
And thus we was stressed and the worst they probably said was we're pathetic
Had all the pieces to that puzzle just a way to get connected and I was fighting through every rhyme
Tighting up every line never resting the question and I was out of my mind and it finally came time
To do it or let it die so put the chips on the table and told me to let it fly ohhh
Singing yea

Together we made it
We made it even though we
Had our backs up against the wall
Forever we waited,
And they told us we were never going to get it
But we took it on the road,
To the riches,
On the road, to the ghetto, on the road, to the projects on the road, ride with me
On the road, we come and get it on the road yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Look in case you misunderstanded exactly what i'm building
*&#* that I could leave for my children (children) children (children)
Now I only wake up I smile to see how far I come fighting for sales on a strip
To get hustle from nights in jail on a bench using my muscles son
To count money

But now I live when I dream you see me finally getting it
Let's make a toast to the hustle regardless how you did it

Ohhhh singing

Together we made it
We made it even though we
Had our backs up against the wall
Forever we waited,
And they told us we were never going to get it
But we took it on the road,
To the riches,
On the road, to the ghetto, on the road, to the projects on the road, ride with me
On the road, we come and get it on the rooooooadyeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Okay, so that gansta part doesn't make sense, but you get it.

Hmm, interesting.

First off pictures of Charlie.

Week four material, 15 hours done of parelli formally, not to mention my random dabbles in it.

I was all by my lonesome at the barn; NO ONE was there. It was kind of nice, but it was also scary not to have the safety of Hannah and Elise there to help me out. Catching was interesting...we sort of played tag. I called him, he ran away. I backed away from him, then walked away without looking and he came up to me and touched my back. So I stuck out my halter and stick for him, and he runs away. Then I approach him and he comes back to me. I knew this would be an interesting start for our session.

I practiced catching with Savvy and got him to Yo-Yo game through a gate. It wasn't that difficult of a process, honestly. I forgot to do Driving from zone 3 though *facepalm* Bad me.

Porcupine Game to get his head down was a challenge, which I figured would come up because how he throws his head up when bridling. Apparently me putting pressure on his poll meant go forward....go figure. We made some progress toward the end, but hannah said she has a trick to show me. Head up wasn't easy either..the positioning is awkward.

Getting his feet up was relatively easy except for his hind left, where he tried to kick me. So I didn't even progress to doing all from one side.

Tomorrow is another Parelli day!

Weather is crazy

Today was a nice, short day down at the barn. It was Hannah and I's first day back. We just had a four-kid day, I took newbs she took the advanced ones.

I didn't do much with Charlie; when Bobbie was done i just ran him through Friendly, Porcupine, Driving, and Yo-Yo games. He did rather well. It was only ten minutes of work, so it wasn't anything intense. I'm going out there Tuesday to do more.

So I shall do my week four stuff then, and on Wednesday it's week five!

stop raining.

Well, I'm always really late at posting and you're supposed to post as soon as possible, but I have a terrible time at doing anything on time.

Last week we did some more Friendly and Porcupine games. He improved with the Porcupine - no threats to kick. Some resistance though, but all small improvements are welcome.

Then we started on Driving and Yo-Yo games.

Driving game took some time to catch on, but once it clicked he got better about it. Really his only hesitance was the confusion of what I was asking. I'm still having some problems reigning in my frustrations but I'm a lot better than I was before this.

Yo-Yo game was about the same as driving. No big problems, just confusion and questions in his eyes.

I'm sort of stalled at the moment - I had surgery last Friday and I am recovering. I am doing a lot better, and hoping to make it to the barn early next week. Like monday. I can drive now, as long as I'm not taking my pain meds, which I haven't been doing anyway. I start working again tomorrow, we'll see how that goes.

I plan on rereading and rewatching some previous stuff because I haven't been keeping up with the material as well as I should.

Frustration; #1 enemy.

Last week in the Club, we worked on some of the Seven Games. We came upon an interesting development.... Charlie doesn't like the porcupine game to move on the forehand. Oh no. He was biting at the stick, then kicked out at me. Interesting. He wasn't mad or crazy, merely annoyed.

I do need to work on my 4 phases though, I rush through 1-3 to get to four a little too quickly. Patience. Not my strongest virtue.

Charlie is still wary about me... he knows something new is up, but he isn't sure. I'm pretty sure he'll have some problems with the change in leadership, but hopefully he'll figure it out soon enough.

That's all in Parelli world. Now in winterhawk drama...our barn could be a soap opera. Seriously.

I'm tired of little kids being selfish and annoying. Seriously.

Formal Introduction

I am here. Tomorrow it will be one week exactly since I started using Parelli. Level one, disk one. A group of people are doing it at our barn out of curiosity. The two boarders here have been doing it for a while and are in Level two, one I believe is going into Level 3.

I've been riding for nearly 10 years, all traditional. I've done hunt seat, dressage, and western pleasure. But I get bored easily, and so does the horse I ride. I do not have my own horse, but the owner of our barn, due to physical problems, hardly gets to ride her 8 year old gelding, Charlie Brown. I've ridden him from day one, and trained him for her to ride. We don't know what Charlie is. He's paint in coloration, but very slim and fine boned. About 16.2hh. Oh yeah, and he's gaited. I'm not sure what gait it is, but it's not a walk, trot or job. It's like a really, really, really slow lope. I have yet to find a name for a three-beated slow gait. I just call it his amble. So, he's not mine, but I love the horse to death, and she lets me treat him like my own.

So yeah, starting this Parelli thing. Some of the horses have behavior problems - bad ones. Lucy, our Welsh/Arab pony mare is crazy and hot headed. Her owner, Aliah, aged 12, has fallen off her 40+ times. In two years. So we decided she really needed it. Woodstock, our 6 year old Quarter Horse pony, likes to rear over...with people on his back. Spike the 8 year old Percheron gelding is fearful of everything, but still a sweetheart. Linus, the 17 year old Quarter horse gelding is dull and uninterested. Charlie has a dominance issue, but is otherwise a good horse.

So we have started our trek into the unknown for most of us. It's a long process but should be fun.

For our 30 minutes of undemanding time, which was the first thing you actually do with the horse, my horse is the only one to react. After 25 minutes of me sitting in his paddock, ignoring him, he comes over, and for 20 straight minutes nuzzles me, licks me, and rubs on me, and doesn't want me to leave. It was a great start to remind me why we are doing what we're doing. Tomorrow shall be the ultimate test, when we start the games, which will raise his hackles of the dominance issue.

Let the games begin.